One web site for all screen sizes

Based in Glenelg, South Australia, we have clients in Australia and other countries.

01About Us

We design and publish new Web sites for mobile, handheld or desktop devices, update, re-engineer or optimise existing sites, register and manage domain names and provide site hosting. We are well-established, having been developing Web sites and serving our clients since 1997.

Our sites are always built as being search engine friendly and are optimised to their standards. Distance is not a barrier; we have clients throughout Australia and across the World.

We utilise industry standard software for design and also to optimise graphics to produce fast-loading Web pages. We can show you how to sell your products on-line and we'll design your site for business to business or business to consumer sales and marketing.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that we achieve the required outcome. If we can assist you in any way to achieve an Internet presence please do not hesitate to contact us.

02Our Services

Your site can be designed to provide your customers with dynamic content, including online catalogues/shopping carts, newsletter subscription, calendar-driven booking systems, database-driven directories and events calendars. We'll incorporate Google Maps to make it easier for people to find you.

Please follow the links to some of our sites from our Portfolio. If our style appeals to you, contact us to discuss the design, building and publishing of your site. Our quotes are free and without obligation.

On request and discussion with you, the use of Microsoft ASP® or PHP and associated databases can enable us to design areas of your site (or the complete site) with a Content Management System so that the site can be easily updated by you or your staff.

In addition to enabling very fast changes to your information, a Content Management System also reduces the cost of keeping your information current as developer time is not usually required for the updates.

We have developed sites using WordPress and Joomla and are well qualified to assist with management or with tuition for our clients.

Search Engline Optimisation (SEO) is one of our specialities and we can fine tune your current site to achieve the best results in Google, Yahoo and all of the many search engines.

03 Why Responsive?

We are utilising the latest technology and Web techniques to accommodate most devices by constructing sites that are flexible and resizable, while maintaining the intended structure of the desktop version. In fact, we commence by building for mobile devices first, then expanding them. All of our new sites are built this way but we'd also be happy to quote on converting an existing site to become Device Responsive.

Device Responsive Web sites are constructed and designed to be viewable in most device screens. Most Web sites do not display well in small handheld devices such as tablets, pads and mobile phones, being built for desktop computers, so Web technology is adapting to the increasing demand for Web sites to be more accessible, i.e. viewable correctly.

You are able to test your own Web site, to see how your site displays in a number of devices: ResponsiveSiteTester . Conventional sites usually require site visitors to zoom in or out, scroll horizontally or endeavour to read very small text on devices smaller than a laptop or desktop computer. A responsive site also provides that a business doesn't need to have a separate Web site for mobile devices, alleviating the need to update an extra site or sites.